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My Story

My story is about more. Wanting more.  I think the story of wanting more is really our universal story. The idea of Sacred Stages was born out of my longing for wanting more.


I was born in upstate New York, and was a very athletic tomboyish kid.  I was singing by the time I could talk, playing violin and singing in regional choirs by the age of 6, and producing my own backyard cabarets by the age of 7. In addition, I always wondered “Why am I here?” Even as I child I pondered if I had a life mission, if there is an afterlife.


I've always been deeply attracted to things of "spirit"...and found great solace in nature as a budding tomboy. I was fascinated by and loved to visit different churches, and be with people of other cultures and belief systems. I was raised Presbyterian...I loved the rituals, and singing in the choir, but found I needed to look outside organized religion to find my answers to the big questions.  My path was clear and I wanted more.

When I was 9, we moved to Pittsburgh, PA. I was lucky to attend schools that had strong arts programs where my musical and artistic talents were encouraged and nourished. Many plays, musicals, concerts, and violin lessons later, I graduated from high school and did my first professional production, playing Louisa in The Fantastics, yes, my one and only stint as an ingenue. I received my BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in theatre and music. My path was clear and I wanted more.


I am an actress, singer, and voice over artist based in New York City and Woodstock, NY. I've worked around the world, from New York City to Toyko, from Times Square Broadway to regional theatre, from nightclubs to cabaret rooms. I was seen in the critically acclaimed Broadway National tour of Madison Square Gardens production of CINDERELLA (starring Eartha Kitt) as Evil Stepsister Joy. I’ve worked Off-Broadway, I've starred in leading and principle roles in regional theatres across the country, have been the guest artist in numerous summer stock productions, aboard cruise ships internationally, and in cabaret performances in the clubs of NYC and across the country. AEA, SAG/AFTRA.


Through the years, I was also exploring my relationship with Spirit, refining what “Spirit” and “Sacred” meant to me, reading books on Theosophy, energy work, and the spiritual sciences.


I also began to connect with a deep desire to serve and to counsel. From way back, people have trusted me with their personal stories, and they sought my feedback on what was happening for them, or asked for my thoughts on crucial decisions. "You're a great listener" is what I often heard.


I longed for more.

In 2005, I enrolled in at The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies and was ordained in 2007. I have a subsequent 2 year seminary journey with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, graduating in 2009 with an advanced certification in spiritual counseling.  It was during my seminary training that the idea of Sacred Stages was born. During this time of introspection, I came to understand that my spiritual journey and  creative expression were one and the same.  

  • 2008-2011, Dean of 1st year students at The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies.

  • Counsel in NYC, Woodstock, via Skype and telephone throughout the country and internationally.

  • Member of Spiritual Director's International, A World Alliance for Interfaith Ministers, and Order of Universal Interfaith.     

  • Available for weddings in NYC, the Hudson Valley, the Capital District and am happy to travel to any destination.  
    To read more about my award winning wedding ceremonies, click here.

So why Interfaith? 


I've enjoyed exploring all of the worlds religious faiths, including earth-based traditions, and while my personality is drawn to some more than others, I find my quest to be outside of any organized religion.


Interfaith is not a religion, rather a philosophy that espouses the understanding that there are many paths to Universal Truth. My friends and colleagues span the spectrum of the many ways to explore the spiritual aspect of being human...from Atheist to Zen Monk, and everything in between. What we all share is the desire to serve humanity, and to awaken to Unity consciousness.

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