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Salon culture has historically pushed artistic boundaries and fostered the exchange of ideas around pressing social, scientific, and political issues.


Salons are for the free exchange of stories, cogitations, and inspiration, often combined with music, art, readings from literature, or poetry.

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The Events & Salon Series offered at The Plum follow in this tradition. 


“I have been longing to build a vibrant community that brings together courageous conversations around the issues of our time, music, art, and ceremony with the vibe of a great dinner party. This longing only increased during the pandemic. So, I created The Plum, the perfect alchemical space for the Salon Renaissance. Join us and step into the conscious community connection we are all craving.”

– Sandra Bargman, Salon Host at The Plum

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Buzz about The Plum

The Reviews are in!

Read below to see what they're saying about us.

"The Plum is a perfect balance between comfortable and sacred.  Bowties, bare feet, or anything in-between, one has a meaningful experience here like no other.  Devoid of gratuitous fluff and pomp, and chock-full of focused, substantive human connection - this is a great place to experience music, art, discussion, celebrate an occasion, or simply remind oneself why these things are meaningful.

My experience here was with a brand-new project called Kumara Music, which is a trio as diverse as one could imagine [Classical, African, Jazz].  Our common objective to create transcendent musical experiences for people, ultimately bringing it to sacred places around the globe, was started here at The Plum.  Sandra's strength of character, inspired vision, and warm hospitality created the perfect environment for our first public performance.  This is a fond memory we will cherish all the way out."


Award-winning NYC Musician

"As an artist my experience of performing at The Plum provided me with an oasis of comfort, care and community that I’ll have with me forever.  Beautifully situated in a truly bucolic environment, the performance space itself was a piece (and peace!) of magic.  I was honored to participate in an event for our planet with an amazing group of performers and you will never ever ever work with a producer more accommodating, generous, professional, and kind than Rev Sandra Bargman!"


Jazz Singer

“The next Buddha will be a sangha (community)”


Beloved Buddhist Monk

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The Plum is a classic SALON space, perfect for intimate gatherings of all kinds.

- House concerts/cabaret

- Film/Photo shoots

- Movie/Media Presentations

- Community Meetings

- Elegant Elopements

Full lighting, sound, and overhead projector.

Contact me directly for hourly rental or small package deals. 

Modern and industrial meet in timeless elegance. This 1000 square foot space is perfect for a bespoke elopement, complete with a unique wedding ceremony, officiant (Rev Sandra Bargman) and champagne toast. Vendor referrals available.

Complete lighting and sound system, with an overhead projector. 2 movable (4'x8') stage platforms. 50 fold up chairs available. Mic stands, stools, and music stands available.

House concerts, photo shoots, poetry readings, movie showings, intimate gatherings for business, community, and celebrations.

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The Plum White BG JPG Sandra Bargman_edited.png
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