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The Edge of Everyday Podcast
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Sandra Bargman on The Edge of Everyday

Hello Everyone!

We are LIVE in the HIVE! Thank you for listening in on The Edge of Everyday on TalkRadio.NYC.

My podcast is about celebrating triumphs, pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges. Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues – it’s my hope that we can begin to understand our edges – and what I mean by edges is - those places where we’re fearful, those places where we are resistant to change, those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and understandings, both about ourselves and the world around us.  Those places where we don’t want to look.

Listen, we live in turbulent times. AND we are coming to understand that life simply isn’t black or white. It must be an embrace of both. And the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we help others to do the same. And that, I fully believe, can help to change the world.

So, thanks for tuning in….

The Edge of Everyday Podcast drops bi-monthly on Maximizeu.Life & streams on iTunes.

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