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Catch my guest appearances on other podcasts.

Create Magic at Work - Amy Lynn Durham with Sandra Bargman.jpeg


 with Host Amy Lynn Durham

Embracing the Gift of Anger & Unleashing the Reluctant Leader Within


If someone is avoiding working through a problem, what advice would you give them? That's the question posed to Sandra Bargman, and her answer is powerful and eye-opening.

Amy and Sandra discuss the importance of knowing thyself in leadership, recognizing the gifts anger can reveal, and how women are on the leading edge of a leadership paradigm shift.

We cast a vision where hierarchical leadership is replaced by a more inclusive, courageous approach.

Sandra Bargman - SWP_SandraBargman.SpeakWithPresence.jpg


with co-hosts Jen Vellenga & Jennifer Rettele-Thomas

Perfection is overrated, leaders listen, and we all speak up to influence change. Voice First World® is a communication training company for the 21st century. Speak with presence without being perfect, Share your thought leadership with passion through story.


Sandra Bargman is a creative soul, intuitive communicator, and energetic servant. Every career choice she has made has ultimately rested on the ancient Greek maxim of “Know Thyself”, the directive that is at the heart of every artistic, spiritual and leadership journey.

Sandra Bargman - Sandra Bargman on Dreams are Real Podcast with Host Dan McPherson.png


with Host Dan McPherson

Sandra Bargman is a walking Venn Diagram and the Creator of the Edge of Everyday. She explains that her true ‘know thyself’ core lies at the center of her worlds as an actor and singer, interfaith minister, and presentation coach.

Sandra Bargman - Electric Ladies Podcast with Host Joan Michelson.jpg


with Host Joan Michelson

A Climate Cabaret? With Chantal Biladeau & Sandra Bargman


Stories. Music. Art. They move us in some magical way that nothing else taps. Why? Why do they matter to climate and energy? Because they can touch us in a way nothing else can, inspire us and motivate us, and we need every tool in the toolbox to address climate change.


How? Listen to Sandra Bargman and Chantal Bilodeau, who created, produced and performed the “Earth Intention: A Climate Cabaret” recently to inspire people through music and the arts to take the necessary action to save the planet, in this inspiring conversation with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.



with Host Rev Dr Terrlynn Curry Avery aka Rev TLC

What happens when personal beliefs collide with family beliefs? In the quest to dismantle racism, people often find themselves in a dilemma, having to decide such things as whether to talk about race at a family gathering, whether to confront a family member about a racists act, whether to go against their family's wishes and have an interracial relationship, and much more.


Internally, there can be a ball of confusion, worry, anger, etc. and often there are sacrifices, (personally, socially, psychologically, and spiritually). Yet, when one is committed to living their truth, they realize a need to walk to the edge of the line and push against it.


Join Rev. Dr. TLC and her guest, Sandra Bargman, host of the Edge of Everyday as they discuss how confronting racism pushes up against systems and demands courage and commitment.

Sandra Bargman - Sandra Bargman on The Joyful Journey Podcast.jpeg


with Host Anita Adams

We explore what it means to walk “The Edge of Everyday.” The conversation is raw and real and delves into what it means to be spiritual.


Highlights include the difference between being religious and being spiritual, creating your own spiritual practice, being in relationships - the number 1 spiritual practice and how they provide opportunities to “know thyself”, and Unity Consciousness - understanding we are all interconnected and why this is important.

Sandra Bargman - When Spirit Calls with Host DeeAnne Riendeau.jpg


with Host DeeAnne Riendeau

As a creative actor, spiritual leader/interface minister and leadership presentation coach, Sandra shares with us how to infuse spirituality into everything you do, because there is nothing on this planet that isn't spiritual.  We chat about knowing what the right next step is even if we don’t know what the bigger picture is because you cannot deal with the future as it has not happened yet. And that going inward to trust, ease and waiting isn't necessarily a bad thing,  to embrace it and be okay with it and not use it as an excuse. And lastly, she shares with us how you can learn more about your spirituality and bring it to the surface if it doesn’t already come natural to you.

Sandra Bargman - Light on Marketing Podcast with Host Trish Murray.png


with Host Trish Murray

Know Thyself with Sandra Bargman

Is there any more meaningful statement I could possibly that would convey my core belief about Marketing? Know Thyself! Because, it’s not about the Marketing! It’s about the ‘soul’ role and purpose behind your marketing.

It’s about knowing ourself and our multi-dimensional soul’s purpose! Oh, right and finding OUR way to bring more of that into our corner of the world (which, for some of you, might mean Marketing). Uhhh, well that’s sounds kinda deep.

What else can you expect from a conversation with someone who is a ‘walking Venn diagram’? Let’s find out with Sandra Bargman!



with Host Lesley Michaels

Lesley was recently joined by actor, singer, Inter-spiritual Minister, philosopher, and provocative thinker, Sandra Bargman for a fascinating conversation about life and its many facets.

Sandra Bargman - AMP175 Behind the Mic The Edge of Everyday with Sandra Bargman Coverart.p


with Host Michelle Abraham of Amplify You

Behind The Mic: The Edge of Everyday with Sandra Bargman


  • What is The Edge of Every Day?

  • Take your voice to other stages

  • The willingness to be with the stillness

  • Knowing your intentions.

  • Ritual is not a religious thing, it’s a transformational thing.

  • How to make your podcast more transformational than transactional

Sandra Bargman - Richard Skipper Celebrates Sandra Bargman edit.jpg


with Host Richard Skipper

Sandra Bargman is a creative soul, intuitive communicator, and energetic leadership consultant. It started when she was three years old, marched into her family kitchen, hands on hips and announced to her Mother that she was here on “a mission”!


Every career choice Sandra made has ultimately rested on the ancient Greek maxim of “Know Thyself”, the directive that is at the heart of every artistic, spiritual and leadership journey.

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