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Impactful Communication & Storytelling Coaching with Sandra Bargman
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Are you gathering clients, inspiring colleagues, and potentially changing the lives of those around you with your communication style and how you speak about who you are and what you contribute to the world?

I am a creative soul, energetic communicator and adaptive strategic thinker. This crystallized early when I was just three years old and marched into our family kitchen with my hands on my hips and announced to my mother that I was here on “a mission!” Every career choice I have made has ultimately rested on that ancient Greek maxim “Know Thyself,” the directive that is at the heart of every artistic, spiritual or leadership journey.

What to say, how to say it, and why it matters is at the heart of everything I do. And I have dedicated my life to finding my own voice. My goal now is to help others develop confidence enough to find their own voice. 


Storytelling and Presence come naturally to me.


I hold a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University in drama and music and have a 35+ year career as a professional actor, director, teacher and vocal coach. I have performed on the stages of Broadway national tours, off-Broadway and beyond.  I am a seminary trained and ordained Inter-spiritual minister, counselor, and an award-winning ceremonialist. Unaffiliated with any single religious tradition, I have helped clients in pursuing deeper self-understanding in their own quest to ’Know Thyself.”


By weaving the skills of the actor: breath work, body work, vocal strength, diction, intention, and storytelling…


With the skills of spiritual intelligence: the power of silence, mindfulness, deep listening, and wisdom presence…


I’ve created a system called The B.I.G. Approach. It’s to help business leaders, executives, educators, lawyers, anyone to step into bolder and more real communication, intentional conversations, and gutsier storytelling.


The B.I.G. Approach is not about “bigger, louder, faster”. That is old-school, low vibe teaching. The B.I.G. Approach is about helping you grow your confidence and expand your self-understanding so you can share your unique and true Self in all of your impactful communication.


Reach out to me to book a complimentary introduction conversation.

Sandra Bargman Summit One Page Flyer
Sandra Bargman Summit One Page Flyer
Business Growth Summit 2024
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