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On The Shoulders of Mighty Women
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Gender equality is not just a women’s issue.

Men will also benefit.

Women represent all races, cultures, religious affiliations and sexual orientations. As we create a new ethos of equality & equity, it will trickle into every community. From elders to our current generation of children and those yet to come, all will be positively impacted.


As women rise, so will every one of us. I am proud to be a contributing author to this cutting edge book.

“The powerful vulnerability, the rich spectrum of shared wisdom and knowledge, and the remarkable storytelling contained in On the Shoulders of Mighty Women is high fidelity GPS for navigating in these challenging times of reassessment and evolution with courage and compassion. Lesley Michaels has written the book we all need right now, women and men alike, and, as the mighty woman she is, has offered us her own shoulders upon which to stand.”


Actor, Author, Influencer, Purpose Driven Leader

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