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Spiritual Counseling

"What is Spiritual Counseling?"


Who are You? Who do You want to become?

What matters deeply to you?

Are you afraid of change or the challenges you are facing?


These are the questions I want to help you explore. Spiritual counseling explores the deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. It is the ancient practice of helping people to tell their sacred stories everyday. Life is a spiritual process and spiritual counseling can uncover the skills of self-mastery.

"I feel I know myself more after talking with you."

- Lisa T.


"What Can I Expect?"


Expect fierce conversations. By fierce, I mean truthful and courageous. Coeur, the french root of courage, means "of the heart". We will work gently and courageously, from the heart.


In our work, I will help you to get real about what is active in your life. Right NOW. Through fierce dialogue and supportive "homework", we'll strive to step out from behind the masks we wear, to embrace the profound opportunities found in the challenges we face.


Everyone has times when they feel anxious and fearful, tense and angry, and cannot seem to break loose from it. You'll learn to be with what Life is offering you in this moment, while finding the purpose and deeper meaning, even when your life circumstances make no sense at all.

My Rates: I offer a sliding scale, am sensitive to budgetary concerns, and am open to negotiation.


My desire, in these challenging times, is to be with you. Let's talk and we'll find an amount that will work for both of us. Let me support you in getting turned on by your life story.


Manhattan * Woodstock, NY

 In office, by telephone or zoom

© Copyright, Sandra Bargman, 2018.

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