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​I am an Inter-spiritual Minister, educated in seminary, ordained, and legally registered to perform weddings and ceremonies for couples of all spiritual beliefs and practices.


My life journey has been multi-faceted. As a kid, I always wondered why I was here, if I had a life mission, if there is an afterlife. I've always been deeply attracted to things of "spirit", curious about religious iconography and buildings, and able to see and read energy. I was insanely fascinated with cemeteries. Raised Presbyterian, I loved the rituals, and singing in the choir, but found I needed to look outside organized religion to find my answers to the big questions.


  • I was ordained as an Interfaith minister by The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies in NYC.


  • I have advanced certification in Spiritual Counseling from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC.


  • From 2008-2011, I was Dean of 1st year students at The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies.


  • I counsel in New York City, Woodstock, via Zoom and telephone throughout the country and internationally.


  • I am a member of Spiritual Director's International, A World Alliance for Interfaith Ministers, and Order of Universal Interfaith.


  • I am available for weddings in NYC, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital District. I love to travel, and I would be happy to officiate a ceremony beyond New York, and the USA!




So why Interfaith?

I’m completely fascinated by the spiritual journey, the wonderment, the search, be it through religious traditions, mystical contemplation, earth-based wisdom or a connection with Nature.

While my personality is drawn to some more than others, I find my quest to be outside of any organized religion. If asked about my tradition of choice, my reply is simple. “I’m part Spirit and part Human. My tradition is Curiosity”.


Interfaith is not a religion, rather a philosophy that espouses the understanding that there are many paths to Universal Truth. My friends and colleagues, couples and clients span the spectrum of the many ways to explore the spiritual aspect of being human...from Atheist to Zen Monk, and everything in between. What we all share is the desire to serve humanity, and to awaken to Unity consciousness.


Ordination at Saint John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan.


Love Life!

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© Copyright, Sandra Bargman, 2018.

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