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What people are saying...

“Every once in a glorious while, a cabaret entertainer comes along that makes the spectator gasp. So it goes with Sandra Bargman, a dynamite powerhouse of talent and energy. A mix of cabaret, performance art, and Universalist revival meeting… absolutely heaven-sent! Bargman masterfully delivers the goods, it's an extremely well-thought-out show that never disappoints for a moment.”

– Andrew Martin, Cabaret Exchange

“Her cabaret performance at The Duplex in New York City’s West Village is not only dynamic but powerfully spiritual. The talented Bargman expresses an eclectic spirituality not a specific ideology. She combines a contemporary vibe with a depth and wisdom moving vertically rather than horizontally through her clever performance. Bargman is an oversized sunflower with a distinctive voice.”

– Karen Feld, Pushing The Edges on Political Mavens

“Sandra Bargman advanced through the audience channeling her inner Sophie Tucker, filling the room with her charisma. She managed to translate her zeal into a fascinating evening of song.“

– Joel Benjamin, Theater Pizzazz


"Guess what kind of a show a self-proclaimed “Queen Bee” (Loose translation: cabaret diva) who’s an ordained Interfaith minister with strong, sultry singing does? Barnstorming Bargman pontificates pluckily… it’s food for (deep) thought.”


– Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes


“Sacred Stages presentation of Sandra Bargman in The Edge of Everyday is an amazing musical and literary journey with powerful messages adeptly interwoven through monologue and song.  Sandra's bigger than life stage presence and delivery brings us to a higher place where each of us gets to examine our own personal journey.   The Edge of Everyday delivers moments of thrilling highs intermingled with moments of pensive thought while bringing us along for the ride with Bargman's razor sharp wit, wisdom and style."    

– Norman Rae, Producer

"Sandra Bargman's Sacred Stages presentation of The Edge of Everyday, was magical and thought provoking. First of all, she is one powerhouse of a performer, even without a message, but she does have a message, and it is so beautifully interwoven with song and entertainment. Her presence is so real, she is so alive. I laughed, I cried, I sang along (or at least clapped along) and thoroughly enjoyed myself, as did the whole audience..."  

– LJN, Artist and Clothing Designer, NY & Los Angeles

“Congratulations. The show is wonderful. I knew it would be but better than that. You are an incredible bridge. People attending your "chapel" will leave more enlightened than when they came in, even if they didn't have a clue that was what was going to happen. Of course your voice and style...and beauty...are unique...and infused with your shining spirit, the latter of which put the power to it all.” 

– Gloria Karpinski, Author, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Leader and Teacher

"Sandra took it right to the EDGE! She has the uncanny ability to educate, entertain and enlighten simultaneously. No small feat! A glorious voice and an enormous heart... Moving and funny... BEE-lieve it!"


– Claire Beckman, Founder, Brave New World Theatre

"There is nothing out there quite like this. Sandra Bargman’s Sacred Stages performance of The Edge of Everyday is very uniquely refreshing and original. It feels like a cabaret theater piece but is so much more. Sandra is dynamic, honest and fun and her show is entertaining and moving. She is very inspiring as a performer. She is seasoned as a singing actor with years of depth that she brings to the experience of watching her show."  

– Wendy P., NY

"The Edge of Everyday is a masterclass show with an inspiring universal spiritual message. It's artistically creative, musically eclectic, highly entertaining and deftly performed. It's among only a handful of the many one person shows I've seen in my 20 years in New York City that I can endorse this highly." 

– Eva Swan, Executive Director of Vocal Ease, Inc.

"Warm, witty and wise, Sandra Bargman’s Edge of Everyday invites you to explore the spiritual aspects of day-to-day living with beautiful music, interesting insights, and some fun group participation tossed in for good measure.  It’s a unique kind of show that will leave you with both great tunes and provocative thoughts running through your head long after you leave."                    

– Winnie Donoghue, NYC

"Sandra Bargman is a breath of fresh air, a beautiful amazon. She delivers a show jam-packed with insight, humor and her own unique take on life, all wrapped in her glorious voice. Go experience Sandra."

– Laura Patinkin Urken, NYC

"What a great time!  Sandra Bargman is a performer who connects with her audience so intimately, I was right there with her for every song.  I'd love to see it again."  

– Kate Schaub, NYC

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