As Meg in DAMN YANKEES at the Park Playhouse in Albany

Sandra as Meg in Damn Yankees

"In a delightful casting choice, the older Joe Hardy is played by Tim Nelson who played young Joe Hardy in the Playhouse’s 1995 production. His wife, Meg, is played by Sandy Bargman, who played the temptress Lola in that same production. The pair have a sincere chemistry that is sustained through the performance of Devin Cortez, who plays young Joe. Because Cortez makes the audience believe he is old Joe in a young body, his affection for Meg, and her for him, never seems creepy."     – Troy Record, Bob Goepfort

"He and Bargman, who’s moving throughout, sensitively render 'A Man Doesn’t Know' in Act I, and they’re joined by the equally gifted Nelson in a haunting trio, 'Near to You.'     – Daily Gazette

"Director LoPorto makes the best use of him in scenes with Meg, the older Joe's wife, sometimes bringing in old Joe, too. In a pleasing bit of symmetry, Tim Nelson and Sandra Bargman, who played young Joe and Lola, respectively, at Park Playhouse in its 1995 production of 'Damn Yankees,' are back, this time as old Joe and Meg, and when the three sing together, it's the most genuine feeling generated all night."    – Albany Times Union

"Bargman and Nelson have lovely chemistry; their 'A Man Doesn’t Know' is extremely touching." – The Alt

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